Spring has sprung! Warmer months are here but so as your sniffles, and itchy watery eyes! And then you realize it, your allergies are back.  And it’s not just you, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year. Although there are vast numbers of over-the-counter treatments are available, CBD or cannabidiol is a very promising treatments to treat allergy symptoms with practically no side effects!

But before we discuss how CBD can help with your allergies, let’s define what allergy is. Allergy happens when our immune system negatively reacts due to a foreign substance AKA allergens in the body which affects people with hypersensitivity.


Common symptoms of Allergies are:

  • Itchy and watery eyes
  • Nasal and eye irritation
  • Congestion, sniffling and sneezing
  • Other inflammation



Inflammation, like sinus inflammation, happens when Cannabinoid receptors 1 (CB1) in our nervous system and/ or Cannabinoid receptors 2 (CB2) in our immune system are activated under certain conditions.

CBD is a great anti-inflammatory agent by binding and altering CB1 and CB2 receptors thus regulating our own endocannabinoid system. CBD also has antimicrobial properties which greatly eases seasonal allergies by opening up sinuses and relieving pressure in our nasal cavities and prevent nasal congestion.

Consume High CBD Strain and CBD oil like Nova Blis. Full Spectrum CBD Rescue Drops as sublingual or High Dosed CBD Chill Pops for a more tasty CBD edibles.

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Nova Blis launches the first luxury CBD infused lollipops: You Had Me At Chill Pop

Innovative company aims to destigmatize hemp and showcase its health and wellness power

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis and hemp that has grown in popularity over the last 12 months. CBD has been found to help users with anxiety, body and joint inflammation, depression, and myriad of countless other issues. Despite its popularity, CBD and hemp products are stigmatized by the American main stream.

Nova Blis aims to destigmatize the misconceptions of CBD and hemp. The company wants to showcase CBD’s healing, health, and wellness power through its products with a luxurious twist. Nova Blis recently launched its all-new You Had Me At Chill Pop lollipops. The CBD-infused Chill Pop contains 30mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Chill Pops are dressed up in sparkly edible glitters and housed in adorable, modern packaging enabling eaters to experience a breathtaking unboxing moment, while radiating their favorite childhood candy.

According to Nova Blis, Chill Pops are unlike other CBD edibles on the market which are loaded with sugar and high in carbohydrates. The Chill Pop contains just one gram of carbohydrates and four grams of sugar. Nova Blis also eliminated all synthetic dyes and artificial flavors found on most CBD edibles and replaced it with natural colors from beets, carrots, spirulina and fruits. You Had Me At Chill Pop is not only a guilt-free pleasure, but they will brighten up the day of eaters. Nova Blis stresses users will not feel “stoned” or “high”. Rather, users will feel calmed, focused and energized in every Chill Pop.

While CBD edibles are sold as gummies and chocolates. Nova Blis created You Had Me At Chill Pop instead to deliver a completely different experience. Eaters can slowly enjoy each Chill Pop while increasing the absorption of CBD by the glands, so the effects are abrupt.
You Had Me At Chill Pops are available in select High End locations in New York and California. The company has already seen a high demand for the lollipops with strong sales following Chill Pops’ initial release. The company aims to reach more customers in additional states to showcase the tremendous health and wellness effects of You Had Me At Chill Pop.

Chill Pops come in four delicious flavors: Green Apple, Peach, Pina Colada, and Watermelon. Customers can purchase You Had Me At Chill Pop from the Nova Blis website,



Why more Millenial women are obsessed with using cannabis for self-care

Millenials may be perceived as the most narcissistic and entitled but the generation calling us that can learn so much about the benefits of turning to cannabis for self-care.

It is no doubt that Cannabis has taken over the market by storm. You can find it in different forms, from your tinctures, edibles, moisturizers to even lubes! Yes, you heard it right, lubes! and it is widely available online. But what’s different now is the typical stoner aesthetic was replaced by incredibly chic, stylish and pink designs catered to Millenials’ lifestyle.
But if you’re a total noob and just hearing about cannabis and CBD, it can be pretty intimidating. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It relieves pain, inflammation, stress and calms that chatter of your mind. And no, it does not make you high unlike THC. But the truth is, using cannabis into your self-care routine is safer than most of the toxic skin and beauty brands in the market.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to treat aliments and to heal mind, body soul. And in 2019, millennials translate this into self-care. So, if we really put it this way, using cannabis and/or CBD has nothing to do with getting high.
From Millenials’ skin care routine to just chilling after a long day at work, let’s take a closer look why countless women turn to cannabis for self-care:

1. No more troubled skin
Millenial women are always on a lookout for self-improvement and big part of this is investing on their skin care routine. They are fed up of using prescription ointments and pills for treating acne, dry skin or eczema. The quest for clear and healthy skin may be over for when cannabis revolutionized the skin care world. Although there’s a lot of studies showing the potential of cannabis and CBD on treating skin conditions, this topic is still vague to most people. But for Millennials who desire plant-based natural solution, it didn’t stop them on adding CBD oil to their skin care routine.

2. Finding their zen
We owe it to Millenials for teaching us how to find new ways for our well-deserved R&R. With everyday life’s stress and routine, they found a calming ritual by adding cannabis drops to their favorite beverages such as tea, coffee or even protein shakes. By harnessing all the benefits from this concoction, it gives them a more through introspection in life than feeling overwhelmed by everything.

3. Exercise for mind, body and soul
You probably thought how cannabis and exercise is counterintuitive because of the stigma of being high. But Millenials discovered that they are the perfect combo for their post-work out routine, yoga or Soul Cycle. It aids as a pain killer and an effective anti-inflammatory treat to hasten muscle recovery. Plus, they found that CBD ease their anxiety and gave them motivation to start getting physical.

4. Social Media Detox
If there is one thing Millenials can’t live without, it’s probably their phone. But why would they choose to log off and put down their phone as part of their self-care routine? Easy. Because it is liberating. They unplug from the online world to give them the chance to find themselves either by reading a book, or getting in touch with their creativity through arts and crafts. Incorporating cannabis elevates their state of mind by melting away the pressure they get from social media.

No Limits Rescue Drops Dosing Basics

Finding the right dosage for your CBD oil can often be confusing. But CBD does not have a “one-size fits all” dosage. The right treatment and dosage depend on many factors: your own biochemistry, lifestyle, health, what you eat and even the environment. So, it often takes a little while to achieve the effect you are looking for.

Some basic guidelines to remember:

  • Start with a low dose and see how you feel. You may even want to go lower than our suggested dose.
  • Go slow with the dosage. Use a consistent dose for few days.
  • Take notes. Monitor how you feel, your mood, how you sleep. If you are taking other medications, it is advisable to space few hours before you take CBD.
  • Always consult with your doctor
  • If you feel that there is no effect after 3 to 7 days, increase the dosage


  • Shake the bottle well before using
  • Fill the dropper to desired amount
  • Drop the oil directly under tongue and hold for 30 to 60 seconds then swallow. Taking the oil sublingually is more direct and gets absorbed directly into the blood stream for higher absorption

CBD Rescue drops are versatile

  • You can also add the oil to tea, coffee or other beverages, even to your favorite snacks!
  • Add few drops directly to skin or favorite skin care essentials

Breaking down the nitty- gritty

A lot of people get confused on how much CBD is actually in the bottle or per drop. So let’s break it down!

350 mg No Limits Rescue drops

350 mg is the total CBD content for the whole bottle. 1 bottle contains 30 mL. Therefore, 1 mL contains about 11.6 mg of CBD ( 350 ÷ 30).

Dropper size mL CBD mg
1 full 1 mL 11.6
3/4 ¾ mL 8.7
½ ½ 5.8
¼ ¼  2.9


750 mg No Limits Rescue drops

750 mg is the total CBD content for the whole bottle. 1 bottle contains 30 mL. Therefore, 1 mL contains about 25mg of CBD ( 750 ÷ 30).

Dropper size mL CBD mg
1 full 1 mL 25
3/4 ¾ mL 18.8
½ ½ 12.5
¼ ¼ 6.25


Microdosing Guide

Microdosing means taking multiple low doses within the day. This technique has shown to be effective with anxiety, insomnia, pain, stress and nausea.

Pain Average CBD mg Frequency/day Duration (days)
Start 2 to 5 mg 3x 7
Mild 5- 12 mg 3x 7
Medium 9 – 20 3x 7
Severe 15-40 3x 7


Feel the Nova Blis. Difference

It is impossible to deny that CBD products are dominating the health and wellness industry right now. But with thousands of products to choose from, who claim that their CBDs are high-quality, pure or  third-party tested, it is still overwhelming to identify which CBD product is safe and right for you. 

Nova Blis. addresses the concerns that every consumer should ask before purchasing their CBD products. 

  1. Where was the hemp grown? 

Nova Blis. uses hemp grown in Colorado. We made sure that the hemp used on our CBD products was from Colorado due to their robust hemp program. According to their state’s agricultural program, they perform vigorous tests for THC level on hemp plants while they are still in the field and investigate any illegal pesticides use. 

  1. Where is your lab-test results? 

A third-party lab test result should always be available for consumers. This test checks for the CBD and THC levels and presence of contaminants. If you are buying your CBD products online and this online retailer or manufacturer does not have this information or refuses to share it, we recommend avoiding this product and company. 

Nova Blis. conducts third-party lab testing to ensure the potency and purity of our phytocannabinoid rich finished products. We believe in full transparency and honesty of our products, so you can see these lab tests easily available on our product page. 

  1. How does Nova Blis. make their products? 

“When I looked at  CBD market, I saw that there is a lot of private labelled CBD products. Private label means that the manufacturer makes thousands of products and you easily put your logo and label. I don’t do that. I partnered with a manufacturer to custom formulate my blends in small batches. The Chill pops are hand-crafted and only use natural fruit and vegetable colors & flavors while CBD tinctures are blended with MCT oil without additives, sweeteners or preservatives. Every ingredient in Nova Blis. is carefully selected and CBD is meticulously dosed.”


  1. What are the terms on your label? 

If you are just starting out in trying CBD products, you’ve probably encountered different scientific terms written on the labels. Let us explain what you may encounter on Nova Blis. label: 

Full spectrum CBD extract 

  • Full spectrum contains CBD and trace amounts of cannabinoids found in hemp such as CBG, CBN and THC. Because of the complex biochemical interaction of phytocannabinoids, full spectrum harnesses the full power and potential of CBD creating an “entourage effect” to help restore normal balance in the body. 

Supercritical CO2 extraction 

  • This is one of the methods used in extracting CBD from hemp. It uses pressurized carbon dioxide or C02 to extract CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp. It also uses extremely low temperature to extract and preserve the purity of CBD. Carbon dioxide also act as a solvent, but it is not harmful and non-toxic compared to other chemical solvents used in extracting CBD. 

  Amount of CBD available   

  • It is sometimes confusing to know how much CBD is available on your oil or edibles. For example, Nova Blis. tincture has 350 milligram per bottle. You can see the amount of CBD per mL on the Supplement fact. So, for every 15 drops or ½ dropper, there is 5.8 mg of CBD. 

We are so excited to bring and share Nova Blis with everyone! We’ll be coming up with more blogs from How to get started with CBD to how to incorporate CBD in your daily lifestyle! 

Learn more about Nova Blis. on our FAQs page 

Or email us anytime, if you still have questions. ?

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