It is impossible to deny that CBD products are dominating the health and wellness industry right now. But with thousands of products to choose from, who claim that their CBDs are high-quality, pure or  third-party tested, it is still overwhelming to identify which CBD product is safe and right for you. 

Nova Blis. addresses the concerns that every consumer should ask before purchasing their CBD products. 

  1. Where was the hemp grown? 

Nova Blis. uses hemp grown in Colorado. We made sure that the hemp used on our CBD products was from Colorado due to their robust hemp program. According to their state’s agricultural program, they perform vigorous tests for THC level on hemp plants while they are still in the field and investigate any illegal pesticides use. 

  1. Where is your lab-test results? 

A third-party lab test result should always be available for consumers. This test checks for the CBD and THC levels and presence of contaminants. If you are buying your CBD products online and this online retailer or manufacturer does not have this information or refuses to share it, we recommend avoiding this product and company. 

Nova Blis. conducts third-party lab testing to ensure the potency and purity of our phytocannabinoid rich finished products. We believe in full transparency and honesty of our products, so you can see these lab tests easily available on our product page. 

  1. How does Nova Blis. make their products? 

“When I looked at  CBD market, I saw that there is a lot of private labelled CBD products. Private label means that the manufacturer makes thousands of products and you easily put your logo and label. I don’t do that. I partnered with a manufacturer to custom formulate my blends in small batches. The Chill pops are hand-crafted and only use natural fruit and vegetable colors & flavors while CBD tinctures are blended with MCT oil without additives, sweeteners or preservatives. Every ingredient in Nova Blis. is carefully selected and CBD is meticulously dosed.”


  1. What are the terms on your label? 

If you are just starting out in trying CBD products, you’ve probably encountered different scientific terms written on the labels. Let us explain what you may encounter on Nova Blis. label: 

Full spectrum CBD extract 

  • Full spectrum contains CBD and trace amounts of cannabinoids found in hemp such as CBG, CBN and THC. Because of the complex biochemical interaction of phytocannabinoids, full spectrum harnesses the full power and potential of CBD creating an “entourage effect” to help restore normal balance in the body. 

Supercritical CO2 extraction 

  • This is one of the methods used in extracting CBD from hemp. It uses pressurized carbon dioxide or C02 to extract CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp. It also uses extremely low temperature to extract and preserve the purity of CBD. Carbon dioxide also act as a solvent, but it is not harmful and non-toxic compared to other chemical solvents used in extracting CBD. 

  Amount of CBD available   

  • It is sometimes confusing to know how much CBD is available on your oil or edibles. For example, Nova Blis. tincture has 350 milligram per bottle. You can see the amount of CBD per mL on the Supplement fact. So, for every 15 drops or ½ dropper, there is 5.8 mg of CBD. 

We are so excited to bring and share Nova Blis with everyone! We’ll be coming up with more blogs from How to get started with CBD to how to incorporate CBD in your daily lifestyle! 

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