Millenials may be perceived as the most narcissistic and entitled but the generation calling us that can learn so much about the benefits of turning to cannabis for self-care.

It is no doubt that Cannabis has taken over the market by storm. You can find it in different forms, from your tinctures, edibles, moisturizers to even lubes! Yes, you heard it right, lubes! and it is widely available online. But what’s different now is the typical stoner aesthetic was replaced by incredibly chic, stylish and pink designs catered to Millenials’ lifestyle.
But if you’re a total noob and just hearing about cannabis and CBD, it can be pretty intimidating. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It relieves pain, inflammation, stress and calms that chatter of your mind. And no, it does not make you high unlike THC. But the truth is, using cannabis into your self-care routine is safer than most of the toxic skin and beauty brands in the market.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to treat aliments and to heal mind, body soul. And in 2019, millennials translate this into self-care. So, if we really put it this way, using cannabis and/or CBD has nothing to do with getting high.
From Millenials’ skin care routine to just chilling after a long day at work, let’s take a closer look why countless women turn to cannabis for self-care:

1. No more troubled skin
Millenial women are always on a lookout for self-improvement and big part of this is investing on their skin care routine. They are fed up of using prescription ointments and pills for treating acne, dry skin or eczema. The quest for clear and healthy skin may be over for when cannabis revolutionized the skin care world. Although there’s a lot of studies showing the potential of cannabis and CBD on treating skin conditions, this topic is still vague to most people. But for Millennials who desire plant-based natural solution, it didn’t stop them on adding CBD oil to their skin care routine.

2. Finding their zen
We owe it to Millenials for teaching us how to find new ways for our well-deserved R&R. With everyday life’s stress and routine, they found a calming ritual by adding cannabis drops to their favorite beverages such as tea, coffee or even protein shakes. By harnessing all the benefits from this concoction, it gives them a more through introspection in life than feeling overwhelmed by everything.

3. Exercise for mind, body and soul
You probably thought how cannabis and exercise is counterintuitive because of the stigma of being high. But Millenials discovered that they are the perfect combo for their post-work out routine, yoga or Soul Cycle. It aids as a pain killer and an effective anti-inflammatory treat to hasten muscle recovery. Plus, they found that CBD ease their anxiety and gave them motivation to start getting physical.

4. Social Media Detox
If there is one thing Millenials can’t live without, it’s probably their phone. But why would they choose to log off and put down their phone as part of their self-care routine? Easy. Because it is liberating. They unplug from the online world to give them the chance to find themselves either by reading a book, or getting in touch with their creativity through arts and crafts. Incorporating cannabis elevates their state of mind by melting away the pressure they get from social media.